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Ride & Chat


Bikercomm has been designed for bikers, an easy to use App that allows you to speak to your friends whilst riding. It is perfect for pillions, one to one talking or group rideouts.

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No Headset Required


Bikercomm works directly with your smart phone and earphones, no additional equipment is required.

It can be used with any headset that fits under your helmet, just connect your headset to your phone, open the App, select who you want to talk to and connect. 

Chat Free


When you connect to your friends you will be doing it over the 4G and now 5G network, so there are no call charges.

And because you connect via the network, you can speak to your mates no matter how far away they are!


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Bikercomm enables you to arrange your rideouts, trips and holidays with your friends. You can send messages, chat online, share images, maps and routes whilst planning your trip. Let everyone see the plans instantly.

Then chat and message whilst you travel. Have as many groups as you like!



Create groups for events, holidays, trips or just for your mates. Message them with all the details you want to share or just chat.

You can create private or public groups enabling you to promote rideouts to friends you have not met yet.

It's the bikers App, what can you use it for?

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