Adding Files


Files allow you to share images, documents and gpx files with your friends and groups. It is perfect if you have a trip planned and want to share documents, hotel details, ideas or just about anything. It is a great way to save details to your group.


1. To create file click the file at the top right of your screen. You will then see your filing admin screen.

 file 1

2. To add files simply click the + sign. This allows you to upload files or create new folders for easier storage. This is great for different trips.

file 2


3.  Just click on a folder then the + button to add files to that folder.  Or just click + to add files to your file app.

 file 3

4. Once uploaded you can see the file and a thumbnail.

file 4


5. The share button next to the file name enables you to share the image via a link or via Bikercomm

6.  If you click the three dots next to the share button you also have a choice of further options. Add to favourites (Put to top of your list), Display details, Rename your file, Move or Copy, Download or Delete.

file 5


7. The four dots at the top right allows you to change the view of your files to thumbnails.

 file 6

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