App Calling



1.  This is your main contact screen.  This shows the list of your friends and any conversation groups you are a member of.


2. To chat or message any friend, simply click on their name.

 iphone 1 v2


3. You will then see this screen, it also shows a history of your communications with your friend. If you click a group you will automatically message everyone in the group. If you call a group everyone in the group can join the call.


iphone 2


4. To message them, simply type in the message bar at the bottom. You can then exchange messages.


5. To call them click the handset icon at the top of the page and wait for them to join the call. (Your phone will ask you if you allow use of the microphone the first time you do this).


6. To end the call click the red handset on your screen.


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